” Linda Rolie is an outstanding professional who consistently delivers rapid results and affordability, including  a 95% job placement rate within a short period of time . . .”   –Gregg Edwards, Chief People Officer, Asante Health Care System

“If I were rating Linda Rolie from 1-10, (10 being the best) she would rate a 20 in my book.” –Mark Chittwood, Chaplain, Seattle, WA 

“Hey Linda! I got the job with REI!  I used your techniques for getting the job and also  for higher pay.   I feel like I’m getting where I want to be quite a bit faster than I would have without your help.  Thank you for your counseling and great advice.” Pyar Anderson, Santa Monica, CA

Linda K. Rolie, author of Getting Back to Work, has a proven track record of successful job placement with more than 95% of participants landing a job equal to or exceeding their previous position. Linda is also recognized as a CareerBuilders Expert. Linda has a proven track record of success with job hunters who want to find a satisfying job.

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Speaking, Training, Workshops on Careers

Linda Rolie is an inspiring and energetic author/speaker known for helping manage challenging emotions and getting a job quickly during periods of career transition. She has a proven track record as a successful career expert with more than 35 years of combined Job and Career Coaching,  Training, and Consulting services in nearly all occupations and industries.

Linda is the principal owner of two career management businesses since 1979.  She is recognized for getting individuals back to work and is motivated by leading job hunting workshops and helping people get good jobs. (Read more about Linda K. Rolie’s speaking and training.)

Career Development | Career Management

Linda K. Rolie provides job assistance and transferable skills vocabulary, helps to develop creative and unique resumes leading to satisfying job placement.

Participants quickly become job focused and make smooth transitions more rapidly. —Your success is our success!

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Career Coaching
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Career Development
Articles About Building Your Career
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Career Transition

Linda Rolie has a proven track record in solution focused results.

  • Speaker | Presenter | Workshop Delivery
  • Corporate Outplacement Services
  • Career Development/Management

Linda Rolie specializes in designing, planning, and implementing an action plan from start to finish, and specializes in comprehensive career-related services.

Participant Comments:

“Thank you so much for the class. We all learned extremely important job search information. You are a truly vibrant and exciting information-giver!” — Katherine H. Ross

“Linda – Your insane energy and confidence are inspiring. I feel much more hopeful after your talk. Thank you so much!”  — Steve, Southern Oregon University, Masters Program

“Linda – Your class was a godsend to me. I just want you to know that you gave me hope when I truly needed it. Thank you so much.”  — Carol Knapp

“Delightful presentation. Time flew By. Very good at listening and providing feedback. I appreciated the honesty and compassion. The presentation was great! She’s right on your level. Does not talk over your head. Very personable, easy to understand and has a big heart! Liked everything. A lot of good info. Really encouraging. Enjoyed content and delivery style. Well done! Thank you for addressing the emotions related to job loss. Excellent listener. Linda was helpful and caring about me and my individual needs. Helpful, professional information and teaching ideas. She was great.” — Asante Health Care-Child Development Service

Linda K. Rolie
We Create Opportunity Through Change

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